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Our first priority is to build a dam before the start of the wet season.  This will ensure a continuous water supply not reliant upon pumps and bores, which fail from time to time.  You can assist this project either with direct donations, or by contacting us if you have machinery (and of course the time) to help us with this project.  We would love to add you as a major sponsor on our site. Contact us via our email at info@australianfarmanimalrescuecom. or donate directly on a website.



Animal shelters are a priority, as the wet season is nearly upon us, and the heat of summer already here.  Large stands of trees have been retained and will be preserved for shade and shelter.  But in the deluges of the northern wet season, these are not enough.  We need to build basic shelters for the cattle, and greater protection for the horses, and donkeys.  Smaller shelters and ‘night runs’ are needed for the goats, chickens and ducks.  These need to be predator-proof to keep the large predatory birds, wild dogs, and snakes out of the pens.  All animals will be free-ranging during the day.  If you would like to volunteer your skills and time to any of these projects, or have any materials you can supply to us at low cost, or materials you no longer require, we would love to hear from you.  You can also donate directly to this project via our website, or contact us on, and we would be happy to acknowledge sponsorship on our web page.



We are about to begin the huge task of fencing 113 acres, which includes pasture areas, some hilly country, creek crossings, and some native bushlands.  The fencing has to be suitable for small and large grazing animals, to keep in all creatures great and small, and to keep out as far as possible wild dogs and feral pigs.  This fencing is far more costly than barb commonly used for cattle.  It has to be safe for horses, goats, and cattle, which will be free-ranging on the property.  If you have the time, skills, or can provide fencing materials at a reduced price, or donate for this purpose, we would love to hear from you.  Major sponsors will be included on our site.  You can contact us if you are able to assist, on, or donate directly through the website.



We have set up a grants system where like-minded organisations throughout Australia can apply to us for financial or other assistance, which we can facilitate or coordinate, or help with funding the rescue, rehabilitation and housing of farm or working animals.  Strict guidelines will apply to these grants, and facilitation of food, veterinary treatment and shelter will be prioritized over direct funding.  You can let us know if you are happy to have your donation directed to this assistance, by donating directly on the website, and contacting us via email on


As a back-up to the dam, for the exceptionally dry times, we want to sink bores which will be fitted with pumps and pipes to holding tanks for troughs in areas distant from the dam.  The combination of a large dam and underground water will ensure a constant provision of clean water for the animals.  If you have the time and skills to help out with this, we would love to hear from you.  You can also donate for this project directly on our website, or contact us at  We would love to acknowledge any major sponsors on our webpage.




We are undertaking a clearing, slashing and seeding project in areas which have been cleared previously, but where the pastures have been neglected.  We will need some heavy machinery to grub out old tree stumps, and clear the debris of weed overgrowth, then re-seeding.  We are hoping we can achieve this before the end of the northern wet season.  Anyone with the time and skills to assist with this project – we would love to hear from you.  If you have any excess bags of seed which may go off before you can use it – love to have it!  Sponsors will be gratefully acknowledged on our website, or if you would like to donate, you can visit our web page or contact us at

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