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We are an organization which started as private individuals, about five years ago, rescuing homeless or abandoned animals, and those which had been mistreated, neglected or abused. We gave them forever homes, cared for them, attending to their veterinary needs, and made them part of the family. We saw the increasing need for assistance for farm and working animals in these categories, as there was no organization providing this service in North Queensland. We started with dogs (six of them), then horses, then cattle. We used our own property and provided for them at our own expense. We decided to expand the service and bought a 133 acre property in a good pasture and rainfall area on the Atherton Tablelands, as well as our own rural property in that area, where we live and have looked after the animals. AFARM has the use of these properties free of charge. We have established projects on the new property, which will be used for the animal rescue objectives. We are embarking on a big process of fencing, building shelters, dams, providing other sources of clean water, and veterinary care. The need for this type of shelter is increasing, as people can no longer afford to keep farm animals as pets, or feed or house them, because of the economic circumstances, or drought, or both. There is a huge problem in North Queensland with abandoned and mistreated horses, which we are also targeting. We will work closely with local councils, the RSPCA, and other animal welfare organisations. We have retained a portion of the new property as a wildlife release area, which will be safe from predators and provide natural bushland and water. By formalizing what we have been doing for many years, we can better involve the community, and provide a far greater reach for the services which are badly needed. We are very ‘hands-on’ in North Queensland, but are extending our assistance across Australia, by providing a grants system to other like-minded organisations. It will be strictly monitored to ensure it fits within our objectives, and the primary assistance will be the facilitation of veterinary care, food, clean water, and shelter.  We will also develop an education and assistance program for those keeping farm animals as pets. No animals will be sent to slaughter. Animals will only be rehomed to suitable environments, or otherwise kept permanently on one of our properties. Animals will be assessed by veterinary specialists, to assist in decision-making to prevent suffering.

We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission and have deductible gift recipient status with the ATO.

Marjorie Pagani

Founder/Managing Director 

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